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How Much Do You Know??

Hey everyone!! Today is Friday!!!! That means it is quiz day!! Once a week I will be posting questions based on the Harry Potter books. Be the first to answer a question correctly and earn an OWL. Lets see who is a true Harry Potter master!

Da Rulz
1. You can only answer ONE question per week. This is so that it is fair for everyone.
2. Spelling has to be correct or it is wrong.
3. Once a question has been answered, it is out of play.
4. Once someone has answered a question, I will confirm or deny the answer.
5. If you want to submit a question you can email to me (with the answer too) at midnightpariah@hotmail.com
6. Have fun!!

The questions this week are going to be extremely easy just so we can test the game. They are all from book 1.
1. What is Harry’s cousin’s first name?
2. What room does Harry call his own in the beginning of the book?
3. What creatures deliver the mysterious letters to Harry?
4. Who finally was able to deliver the letter to Harry?
5. What did the stranger give to Harry’s cousin for eating Harry’s birthday cake?
6. Where did Harry go to shop for new wizard stuff? (Just the name of the general place, not each individual shop)
7. What pet did Harry receive?
8. What did he name this pet?
9. Where did he find the name for his pet?
10. What platform did the stranger tell Harry the train was on?
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