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hello everyone. my first post here....
name's kelsey. i'm from wisconsin. finished HBP a few days ago and have been DYING for my friend to finish it so i can talk about it with her!

in Quidditch Through the Ages a beater by the name of Brutus Scrimgeour is mentioned a few times. any relation to our new minister?

Scrimgeour is also mentioned in OotP, the morning of Harry's hearing. Lupin and Tonks are talking, and Lupin says something along the lines of "what were you saying about Scrimgeour?" Tonks replies along the lines of "we've got to be careful; he's been asking me and kingsley funny questions..." i would assume it's the same Scrimgeour, since the minister was the head of the Auror Office, and Tonks and Kingsley are Aurors. could he be working for Voldemort? i was just wondering about that, because Scrimgeour kept asking Harry about what Dumbledore was doing and where he'd been. also, Dumbledore seemed v. reluctant to let Scrimgeour talk to Harry. could he be 'bad'?

oh, and before i go, a crazy theory that i just had to post: could the hog's head bartender be Aberforth Dumbledore, Albus's brother who was mentioned in both GoF and OotP? i know, i know, it sounds crazy even as i type it. but let me know what you think!

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