Christy (annadncn) wrote in sevenhorcruxes,

Love it, love it, love it.

I absolutely adore then new book!

Where to begin?

Well, I was glad to see that Harry and Ginny went out, however briefly, it just had to happen at some point, also glad it didn't last though. 

This one was the best in the series so far, it was more complex, and because it had so much of Dumbledore, it was just fantabulous.... knew he wasn't going to make it through this book, but by showing so much more of him, J.K. made it apparent that he had to go in order for Harry to face Voldemort.

Depsite Snape's possible reasoning, wow.... I cried like a little girl... and I also think that at some point or another, Malfoy will probably switch sides.   

Must get going if I am going to finish rereadiing it by the time I have to be at work in the morning.

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